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  1. 2007
    Chain Logistics was established in 2007 in New York, USA.
  2. 2012
    The office located in the state of New Jersey, which is 10 miles away from New Jersey and New York ports, has been servicing with its quarters and 4.000 sqm storage area since 2012.
  3. 2014
    Chain Customs Services was established in 2014.
  4. 2015
    Chain Logistics was established in İzmir Turkey in May 2015. Chain Transportation was established in 2015.
  5. 2018
    Istanbul office was established in Maslak, Istanbul in October 2018.
  6. 2019
    In 2019, a sales and marketing office was opened in Miami, USA. Chain Logistics has been actively servicing with its sales and marketing employees in Turkey, Denizli since 2015 and in Bursa since 2019.
  7. 2022
    Mersin office was opened in January 2022 in Mersin, Yenişehir.