Chain Logistics

Chain Logistics is an industry leader that allocates professional, high-quality solutions from A to Z. We built our company on the foundations of honesty, integrity and outstanding customer care. We place an emphasis on a partnership when we engage with our clientele. True to our name, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide powerful services to meet any of the unique challenges a business may face in its industry at any step of the way. We take care to implement the most efficient solutions possible tailored to the needs of each client and to deliver on our promises on time, every time.


We have been sharing our exceptional knowledge as a freight forwarding company since 2006, helping companies across multiple industries reach and exceed their goals by building an extensive global network in order to deliver remarkable experiences anywhere in the globe. When we expanded to include a branch in Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey, our global reach grew exponentially, enabling us to offer an even more robust and powerful suite of logistics services all around the globe.

Chain Transportation

Chain Transportation is the heart of the Chain brand solutions suite. We are based in New York right off the major ports, affording us a unique advantage from which to operate our robust services. Chain Transportation serves as a specialty company that delivers outstanding transportation logistics services to meet the challenges businesses face in the way of local and regional logistics measures.

Chain Customs Services

Chain Customs Services is the ideal solution for companies whose enterprise dictates regular international shipping. The customs process can be a tricky endeavor beset by a myriad of opportunities for disaster. Chain Customs Services seeks to come up with invaluable solutions to alleviate the administrative burden of handling customs rules and regulations.